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Disruptive Brand Marketing From A Consumer Lens – Hannah Robbins – EP47

“There’s a lot of entrepreneurs that have an incredible idea, an incredible brand, an incredible product, but lack the ability to be able to see it from the consumer lens.”

How seriously are you taking your branding strategy? Are you consistent and authentic with it?

In this episode of the Page One Podcast, Luke Peters speaks with Hannah Robbins, a branding expert who has worked with major brands like Coca-Cola.

She shares the tips to creating an authentic and consistent brand that communicates to consumers especially during the COVID-19 period. Listen in to hear how she helped in the rebranding process of the Maple Hill Creameries company and turned it around.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to be flexible, adaptable, and listen to what the consumer is saying in the marketing world during the pandemic.
  • How to be consistent to create authenticity with your brand.
  • How to define the core product and service to drive loyalty and purchase from the target customer.
  • How to be specifically targeted through social media.
  • Recognizing what your core values are to drive a scalable positioning for your business.

Episode Timeline:

  • [0:30] Intro
  • [3:08] How COVID-19 is affecting the marketing world and how it is being handled.
  • [5:33] Can a brand be humorous with Coronavirus when marketing?
  • [6:42] The steps to take to create authenticity with your brand.
  • [10:36] How to create your brand’s core values.
  • [12:43] Why it does not matter to give back if your product or service is not performing well in the market.
  • [15:33] She talks about how she helped revitalize the Maple Hill Creameries brand.
  • [18:44] How long does the process of rebranding a company take?
  • [22:06] How to maximize your budget and do specific targeting when rebranding.
  • [25:34] What is and does she do with them?