NewAir Increased Product Conversion Rates on Home Depot with Retail Band

When it comes to selling on big-box retailer sites (Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, and Amazon), grabbing a consumer’s attention comes with its own unique set of challenges.

The major touch points you get with a consumer, outside of marketing and advertising, are the photos and copy that show up in the description of your product. This means, creating great content is the number one way to quickly ramp up sales and improve the overall conversion rate of a product.

Retail Band recreated the design assets for a NewAir Appliance product, which was no small task. It involved rewriting copy, gathering more images, and creating lifestyle videos. To add to the challenge, Retail Band needed to take into account Home Depot’s online platform: the guidelines, customer-base, and searching algorithm.

Writing Copy That Sells

There are several components within the copy category that need to be considered when building your product profile on Home Depot.

NewAir Beverage Fridge on Home Depot eCommerce Platform

The first is the title. It is the most important factor considered when Home Depot determines your rank on its site. Using keywords in the title of the NewAir product as an imperative step in helping increase the conversion rate.

Keywords weren’t the only component considered. Home Depot has its own set of rules a vendor must abide by. The details vary depending on the product category, but product size in inches is almost always required.

Retail Band combined SEO strategy with Home Depot guidelines to create a product title that moved the NewAir product to page one of the search results. In fact, the product ended up in the 3rd organic spot in its product category.

The copy doesn’t end with the product title. Home Depot product descriptions, similar to most other big-box retailers, include a content block within product pages for a larger description of the product to take form. Here, Retail Band used salient bullet points to connect with the customer.

Salient bullet points were used to showcase differentiating factors of the NewAir product. Retail Band made sure to keep them short and to the point. That way, customers didn’t have to shift through walls of copy to find the information they were looking for: the main benefits of the product.

Taking photos That Tell A Story

Photos are unarguably a great way to sell a product. Not only do they give the consumer an image of what it is they are buying, but they also help paint a picture of how a product will come to life in a consumer’s home.

NewAir Beverage Fridge on Home Depot eCommerce Platform

Rather than relying on a simple hero image to sell the NewAir product, Retail Band also included lifestyle images to show the product in a home and to help bring to life the dimension of the product.

Adding high-quality lifestyle images lead to higher sales and conversions for the NewAir product.

Creating Eye-Catching Content

Consumers are faced with pages of products when shopping online. And Home Depot is no exception. To help the NewAir product standout, Retail Band used a tool called Hover Functionality.

Increase Conversion Rates on Home Depot eCommerce Platform

Hover Functionality gives more information upfront by combining two images into one. This keeps consumers from scrolling of clicking for too long in order to get the information they are looking for. It also helps the customer envision how the product will fit into their lifestyle.

This gave the NewAir product an edge over other products in its category. And, ultimately, it leads to higher sales and conversions.

Capturing Audience Attention with Video

It is no surprise that video has become an important selling feature for brands across all industries. However, it is still seldom used within product pages.

Assets for Home Depot eCommerce Platform

To enforce the selling features of the product, Retail Band created a video of the NewAir product that combined copy, imagery, and film. The video created another touchpoint to sell to consumers, this time through a medium that brought the product to life in a whole new way. The consumer could see the product in action.

End Results and Key Takeaways

Once Retail Band was done with the relaunch, the product rose in search results. Thanks to top notch creative assets, the product saw an increase in sales and conversions.

The launch process for the NewAir product is one that can be applied to all future launches to increase sales on Home Depot.

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