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Magic Chef Dominated A New Product Category with Retail Band

Magic Chef is one of the most recognizable kitchenware companies in the United States, yet it still continues to look for new opportunities to grow its overall market share.

In 2018, Magic Chef approached Retail Band for help entering a new product category: Air Fryers. And it isn’t the only company developing a line for this kitchen item. Air Fryers are a trending product and new players are coming into the category at a competitive rate.

Despite its undeniably large brand presence, Magic Chef knew it would struggle to get its brand of Air Fryer in front of the eyes of online consumers.

To help Magic Chef stand out in the crowd, Retail Band applied its 10 Day Product Launch Plan. By the last day of the strategy, the Magic Chef Air Fryer ranked higher in the search results of major eCommerce platforms (Amazon, Wayfair, and Home Depot).

Create Stunning, Best In Class Content

Magic Chef Air Fryer eCommerce Platforms

Some products are hard to shoot. The shiny finish creates glare or the odd shape gives off an awkward appearance at every angle. Yet, a high-quality image increases a consumer’s likelihood of completing a purchase.

The Magic Chef Air Fryer proved to be one of those difficult-to-shoot products. The Retail Band creative team had to come up with unconventional ways of capturing it in order to create the best in class content needed for a successful product launch.

Retail Band created a variety of content and creative assets for Magic Chef to make sure the product was ready to take to market.

Write A Product Listing That Sells

In order to differentiate the Magic Chef Air Fryer from the rest of the competition, Retail Band had to create a bold product listing. How did the company do this? By writing benefit-driven copy that focused on the consumer rather than the product features.

Magic Chef Air Fryer eCommerce Platform Product Listing

A product listing only includes a couple of opportunities to sell a product with copy: the title, description, and feature bullets. Each piece holds a lot of weight, but the title is the number one way a consumer searches for and finds a product.

For the Magic Chef Air Fryer title, Retail Band made sure to use the right keywords to help increase the SEO optimization of the product. This raised the rank of the Air Fryer in search results.

Get Reviews Before The Launch Date

Product reviews are a key component of every product launch. Consumers are less likely to buy a product that has zero reviews.

To set the Magic Chef Air Fryer up for success, Retail Band aimed to get at least 25—legitimate and trustworthy— reviews written on the product before the launch date.

Magic Chef Air Fryer Product Reviews eCommerce Platforms

Ten days later and Retail Band was able to secure close to 100 reviews from product users.

Direct More Consumer To The Product

It isn’t enough to set up a product listing and then wait for sales to roll in. A big part of the Magic Chef Air Fryer product launch strategy was to direct more consumers to the listing itself.

To do that, Retail Band developed relationships with Influencers on YouTube and Instagram.

Magic Chef Air Fryer YouTube and Instagram Influencers

Influencers are redefining the marketing landscape. They are powerful partners when it comes to increasing brand awareness and growing your customer base.

The influencer relationships that Retail Band developed for Magic Chef created an established channel for the brand to interact with consumers as the Air Fryer launched.

Get Results In 10 Day

Magic Chef entered a product category currently going through its most competitive moment in time. Within months, the company saw an increase in sales and conversions on its new Air Fryer, as well as a huge organic boost on many of the top rCommerce sites.

Retail Band was able to take a household name and take it to a whole new level in a whole new product category.

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