Micro Influencer Marketing on Youtube & SEO Search Results

In 3 minutes let me show you how we get product companies real results on YouTube with social media micro influencer marketing.

Follow this quick real world example how how we dominated a Youtube SEO vertical for the keyword “Electric Garage Heaters”.

First, why would you work with influencer marketers?

  • Other people talking about your brand (lets call this number 1)
  • Its less expensive than you think
  • You might also get links to build your SEO
  • Social media influencers have their own audience! (lets call this reason #2)
  • Micro influencers build the best trust.

And I am sure there are a ton of other reasons, this quick blog is not here to convince you of the value of influencer marking and its Sunday morning…. I can only write so much here.

But lets quickly understand why YouTube influencer marketing is different… and better!

  • Influencer videos are engaging and last a long time, this is great for more expensive products or to show off the details of a product.
  • YouTube is the worlds #2 search engine… seriously did you know that?
  • YouTube results often are also listed on Google search, so you get a 2 for 1 and can dominate SEO for a KW term.
  • YouTube videos are evergreen, they stay searchable and can continue to give you traffic and branding reviews over a long time period.

But its hard to do right… Well yes it can be time consuming but aren’t all good things in life? I mean even writing the best blog is going to take you a lot of time and your customers would rather watch that long form YouTube video anyways.

Hint… we can do it all for you at less that you would pay to write your own blogs… for more on that just email us.

But lets continue with the results, don’t worry I am wrapping this up quickly. 2 minutes left.

So first lets start with the influencer strategy. “Electric Garage Heaters” is a solid search term, we do the research so you get results that matter. This is the planning stage.

Influencer Keyword Research

Then we work with the best Youtube Influencers for your company using our social media influencer marketing agency platform. We make it efficient, remember its just the cost of a good blog for you. 3 months later (yes it takes the influencers forever to post their videos…) you might see results like this. Super focused on your brand with great influencer keywords, long video watch times, and cool images for your product brand.

Long form YouTube influencer video focused on your brand

But lets think YouTube SEO, you want to dominate the whole page right?

And you want one video at least to go viral… I mean you want it all right… Typical client 🙂

So lets summarize…

  • You want to dominate the best keyword for your product brand on YouTube. –Check
  • You want long watch times and some cool images and buzz from it. –Check
  • You want the whole page to be dominated by your videos, not just one random micro influencer video. –Check
  • And you want at least one of the videos to go viral and get a ton of customer views so you can show off to your friends 🙂 –Check

Hope you enjoyed this quick write up and learned a new perspective on how the best Youtube Influencers can help your digital marketing on YouTube. If it sounds interesting to your brand or company well… just take the next step.

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