Product Launch Plan on Amazon and eCommerce Platforms

Frigidaire and the 10 Day Launch Strategy with Retail Band

How newly launched Frigidaire products ranked on page one of search results in only 10 days.

Frigidaire teamed up with Retail Band to launch four new products in time for the Summer season. The goals were lofty:

• Have all products at full sales velocity by the 10th day of launch, across all big-box retailers.
• Have all products ranked on page one of every rCommerce channel, including Amazon.

With summer only 10 days away, it was a tall order. But, ultimately, the challenge resulted in the “10 Day Launch Plan”: an approach for a successful product launch.

The 10 Day Launch Plan

To make these launch goals a reality, the Retail Band team had to focus on 3 main important assets: copy, images, and reviews. All of which are important pieces to help drive SEO within retailer sites. But the real strategy differentiator was the use of Influencer Marketing and Advertisements.

Let’s dig into each area in more detail.

Copy That Sells

High Ranked Product on Wayfair eCommerce Platform
Product titles and descriptions that have keywords in them rank higher in the search results

Copy—product titles and descriptions—is one of the main ways you sell a product online. When writing the copy for the Fridgidaire products, Retail Band used these tips to ensure products were set up for success on all retailer platforms:

  • Titles were spot on with retailer guidelines to make sure products were ranked by keywords.
  • Every major keyword was used in the title and description to make search SEO was optimized.
  • Copy focused on selling the product. Whether it was bullet points or the description, Retail Band made sure everything was clear, concise, and benefit-focused.

Photos That Tell A Story

Evaporative Cooler on Wayfair eCommerce Platform
Lifestyle photos boost the ROI of a product sold on an eCommerce platform like Wayfair

Retail Band knew it was important to invest in high-quality photos and video editors, as the visual content is the best ROI you can do for a product. A new product with poor images and content will result in a low conversion rate, which isn’t looked to favorably upon by most rCommerce search algorithms.

Reviews That Consumers Can Trust

reviews increase conversion rates on Wayfair
Customer reviews increase the conversion rate of a product

It’s a well-known fact that people don’t trust a product that has zero reviews, which makes getting them a critical component to any product launch.

To get trusted reviews, Retail Band utilized influencer marketing tactics to get a substantial number of reviews only a few days before the official launch of one of the products.

For Amazon, Retail Band utilized Amazon Vine to get 30 reviews written before the launch date of each product. Although the initial investment cost was a lot, it resulted in sales ramping up at a much faster pace than it would have otherwise. All the while, Retail Band made sure reviews abides by Amazon’s Terms of Service.

Influencer Marketing That Creates Conversions

YouTube Influencer Increases Wayfair Conversion Rate
YouTube Influencers help generate product reviews and increase the conversion rates of your products

To increase sales on newly launched Fridgidaire products, the company partnered with influencers on YouTube and Instagram. The idea was to garner as much buzz and attention on a product and to drive influencer audiences to product pages.

Vendor advertising programs, like Amazon Advertising, Criteo, and Wayfair Sponsored Products were also used to drive sales. Retail Band ran campaigns at a 100% ACOS for the first few days to win the top organic placement on all big box retail platforms. It was a short-term cost for a long term benefit: organic placement on page 1 of search results.

Results That Matter

What were the results from the 10 Day Launch Plan?

All four products on page one of every rCommerce channel in just 10 days.

Here are the results broken down by the retailer.


Frigidaire Evaporative Cooler Ranking on Amazon
Frigidaire Evaporative Coolers ranked #4 on Amazon after the 10-day product launch strategy

The new Frigidaire Evaporative coolers were on page one of search results within a week of launching. The high sales velocity beat out every other brand on the market and become Amazon’s Choice at the end of the 10 Day Launch period.

Home Depot

Frigidaire Amazon's Choice Swamp Cooler
The Frigidaire Humidifier became the Amazon’s Choice product out of all other competing companies in the swamp cooler category

On the Home Depot online site, Frigidaire made it to page one of all major keyword searches. The products ranked alongside other products with hundreds of more reviews than the new products.


2nd Ranked in Search Results On Wayfair eCommerce Platform
The 10-Day Launch Strategy and the Wayfair Sponsored Product Program turned the Frigidaire Evaporative Cooler into the 2nd ranking product in its category

The Wayfair advertising program, Wayfair Sponsored Products, allowed the Frigidaire products to dominate the search results. It got every single new product to page one within just a few days during the launch date.


Frigidaire is an example of how the 10 Day Launch Plan can replicate sales success across multiple different products.

If you would like help to develop your own 10 Day Launch Plan, send an email to and we can schedule a call to map out your goals.

For more industry insights, listen to the Page 1 Podcast. Retail Band CEO Luke Peters goes over actionable items proven to get you to page one of search results.

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